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Oil & Gas

  • MonoFab™ ARM-10

    Turning your ideas into real world objects is as simple as hitting “print” with the monoFab ARM-10 3D printer. With the advanced, precise and user-friendly ARM-10 rapid prototyping 3D printer, complex parts which previously required multi-axis milling, such as hollow or requiring undercuts, can...
  • PLS6.75

    The PLS6.75 is a free-standing platform with a material processing envelope of 32" x 18" x 9" or 5,184 in³ (813 x 457 x 229 mm or 84,950 cm³). The single laser platform supports a power range of 10 to 75 watts with one 10.6µ CO2 laser source or one 9.3µ CO2 30 watt or 50 watt laser source....
  • XLS10MWH

    The XLS10MWH (MultiWave Hybrid) is a free-standing platform with a materials processing envelope of of 40” X 24” X 12” 11,520 in³ (1,016 mm X 610 mm X 304 mm 188,778.98 cm³). It offers rapid, high accuracy laser beam positioning and the flexibility to be configured with up to three...
  • Aqua Hornet 1000

    The Aqua Hornet 1000 CNC waterjet cutting machine contains the most advanced waterjet technology in the industry. Our Aqua Hornet 1000 waterjet cutter provides state-of-the-art motion control and waterjet technology to meet all of your waterjet cutting needs. The Aqua Hornet 1000 CNC waterjet...